Sunday, September 2, 2007

William's First Soaker

I decided to make some "longies" for William when he is born.

It is done with 2 identical sides that are then sewn up for the legs and crotch.

This is one of the sides laid out flat.

I wanted them to look like jeans!


mattswife1990 said...


Wow! You've been busy with posts on your blog lately!! The "longies" are cute. :) So, will he just wear them as pants? I'd never seen anything like that before. Cute!

rj said...

Is there a particular pattern for these - the 'jeans' stitching is adorable- how old is he when he wears these? i know thats a lot of questions but we have a boy grbaby due in nov & its the first boy in many yrs in the family- so i have to learn a whole new set of clothes!! LOL!! also do you have infant clothes for your 'silverware' reenacting? if so what patterns? i could really use some guides on this :) thanks

Becky said...

The pattern is the Tiny Bird free flat longie pattern in size newborn

I just winged/ad libbed the jean stitching myself.

My son is also due in November, so I hope that they fit him when he is born!

For Civil War reenacting, he will wear a "dress" like the one my youngest daughter is wearing (only hemmed up more) since both genders wore gowns until potty trained. It is from a baby gown pattern my mom had forever!