Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Made More OOAK Polymer Clay Art Baby Dolls

Okay, so that's the fancy way of saying I sculpted some more clay babies!  I really enjoy working with the clay and forming a little doll, but so far, they don't really come out looking like an infant, which was my goal.  I got a new kind of clay (FIMO rather than Sculpey II) and it was nicer to work with, although it got lint covered easier/faster.  I still need to improve but I do think I got a little bit closer!  I need more work on the limbs!  I found a tutorial on how to paint the clay creations using acrylic paint (which I had) and to attach the hair with Liquid FIMO (which I also had). 

So here are the latest two clay babies:

~5½" tall, soft body, jointed


I broke his finger off

The limbs on the left are unpainted and the ones on the right are painted

All clay body, 2½" tall. I also knit her some little accessories.


Ashley W said...

Becky these are amazing! The detail is fantastic! You should market to crisis pregnancy centers for baby (fetal) models!

Amy :) said...

The detail on Deborah is amazing... she really reminded Matt & me, too, of an unborn baby.

I like your new background! Yay for The Cutest Blog on the Block, right? :)

Amy :)