Thursday, January 24, 2013

Knit Balloon Animals

My kids love balloon animals.  What they don't love is that they deflate and get flat.  Sarah actually declines to get one even when they are free. 

I found this pattern for a knit balloon bunny and thought it was a cute idea. I made it and it turned out okay, but I made some changes (nothing unusual for me!).  I made the "balloon" thinner and I knit it in the round so I didn't have to sew up the long seam (I actually did this on the original pattern, too)  I looked up balloon twisting instructions online and used them as inspiration for making more knit balloon animals.

We gave these to the kids' teachers on the first day of school
These are the kids' balloon animals

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tattrldy said...

What a cute idea! You did a great job on them. Love 'em! I'll have to let my daughter see them, she might want to make some for her children.