Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas 2012

We started doing the stockings on Christmas Eve last year, and we continued that "tradition" this year.  Sarah wanted to open the gifts on Christmas Day in their pajamas and I wanted them to be in their Christmas clothes, so I "compromised" and had them get their pjs on before doing the stockings on Christmas Eve.

While everyone else played with their "Wooly Willy" toys....
Andy kept digging into his stocking!
Andy with his "Grandpa"
I let the kids open one of their gifts (my choice)

I have no idea what William was doing, but this was the best picture I got!
Christmas Day
The older 3 kids each shopped at the 'Santa Store' at school so they had fun giving out the gifts from them.  I took Andy to the dollar store so he had gifts to give as well.
We only had 1 duplicate gift go to the same person.

Book of recipes hand written by the kids in Sarah's class (and then copied)
Ornaments made by William
Ornaments and wall hanging made by Emily
William got his Bible as is the tradition in our family. 
When he saw the cover, he said, "It's my Bible!"
We have a "growing tree" that we grew.  It is laying on the same plate in both pictures:
Extended Family Christmas:

We ended up doing this get together on New Year's Day as too many people were sick for our original get together date.  We drew names from a bowl to see who would open gifts next.  Poor Emily was one of the absolute last people drawn and had to wait for the adults to open their gifts before her.


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