Thursday, February 4, 2010

On Being a Perfectionist

When ever I do something "crafty", I have to do it the "best" way. When I'm laying out pattern pieces for a sewing project, I have to figure out the way that will leave the most fabric left over (even if I don't have plans for using said left overs!) Or if I don't like the way something looks, I have to make my own pattern (like with my knit snake, or my nativity) Or if there is a way that would make the finished project better, I have to take the long way to do it instead of the simple one! For example, I have a fabric panel project for a stuffed scarecrow. This panel provided the scarecrow with a head, torso and arms, but no legs as his clothes are supposed to be sewn on and the pants become his legs. Well, I have to figure out a way to make legs for him and make his clothes removable, so that he is "better"! (and so, he isn't made yet!). In a way, this affects other areas of my life, also, as I don't like reading abridged versions of stories. If I'm going to read the story, I want to read the "real" story! (So there are books/stories I'd like to read but haven't yet!!)

Well, I have undertaken a new venture in my life: custom knit Star Wars hats. I made my own pattern and chart for the layout because the ones that were available weren't accurate enough. My first order is for 3 custom R2 hats. I started the first one with 96 stitches based on my test swatch. After knitting about 20 rows, I realized it was too big as my gauge was knitting up different than it had when I swatched! So I ripped out the hat and started over with 86 stitches. I finished it and went on to hat #2. I didn't like how the very top of hat #1 had turned out, so I changed it a little bit for #2. I still didn't like it and upon further analysis, realized it was because I didn't have enough points of decreasing for the top. I had used 6 point decreases for #1 & #2, but used an 8 point decrease for #3. It was much better. So I ripped out the top of #1 and re-knit it with an 8 point decrease! (Thus making it so I've almost knit #1 two complete times!). I am currently working on re-knitting #2. Then I have to add the duplicate stitch for the "windows" and "eyes".

Hat #1

Hat #2

Hat #3

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Ed & Dottie said...

I had to chuckle when I read your blog, sounds so like you & me too. You will be happier with them done up the best way. Love Ya, Mom