Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stuffed Nativity

I have been working on my sewn hands-on nativity that I started last year.

Here are the kids with the nativity

This is what the original looked like in the Nov/Dec 1984 issue of Crafts n' Things.
I didn't like the stable, and that's what bogged me down last year.

Here is how mine looks so far

Close up of my stable. I added a manger, too.
So Jesus can be in the manger, or in any one of the people's arms.

This is what I still have to work on....
camel, cow, donkey--need embroidery and stuffing
sheep--not even sewn yet!
gifts--not even cut out yet (that's what the gold bow is for)


Ed & Dottie said...

You have gotten quite aways on it this year. Love Ya, Mom

Amy :) said...

That is really nice! We have a fabric nativity that I gave Marissa when she was two, almost three, that I finally finished this year!

But it's not as involved as yours... it was a pre-printed one that I just cut out, sewed each individual piece, stuffed. That kind of thing. I'll have to post a photo of it sometime on my blog.

If I can ever get my computer to let me post photos!!