Friday, December 5, 2008

My Newest Project

I have had this project on the "back burner" since about 2002. (I was originally going to make it for my students to use!). I saw the box downstairs this morning and figured I'd better get it done or else another Christmas would come and go without me getting it done! It is going to be a stuffed Nativity/wallhanging.

Here are all the supplies

I have basically everything cut out except for the beards (but I didn't feel like figuring out who would be getting what color beard!)
The top row of people are: Joseph, Mary, Jesus, angel
The middle row is the shepherds
The bottom row is the "wise guys"
The white blobs on the far left are going to be sheep!

1 comment:

Ed & Dottie said...

So this is the year to get it done? At least you have them cut out. Now to get the sewing done. Best Wishes on completing it. Mom