Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

We have a few things that we like to do every year at Easter time. We were able to spread them out a little this year with having the extra day off due to the ice. This was especially helpful to me as Emily's birthday is Tuesday and I was doing things to get ready for her birthday party yesterday besides doing Easter things.

Emily organized a small indoor egg hunt in my bedroom (since it was icy outside):

We dyed eggs:

Will had to eat one of his right away

Baked three cakes for Emily's birthday party:

Make Jello eggs:

We also made some Jello Jigglers with a mold

Unmold the Jello Eggs:

We also had the extended family Easter dinner (and Emily's birthday party which I'll post pictures for later.)

Easter Baskets (which come from Mom & Dad):

The kids have always gotten a stuffed bunny in their baskets, but this year, I also gave them some other small toys as well

Making their new LEGO sets
This year, I made shirts and bottoms for all 4 kids

My stair steps aren't really steps anymore!

The girls

The boys

9:00 youth-led service. Junior church kids singing

Easter Egg Hunt:
When it was so cold on Thursday, I thought we'd have a really cold Easter, but it turned out to be a beautiful day in the mid 60's.

Our poinsettia thinks it should be blooming for Easter, apparently!

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