Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ice Storm

Wednesday afternoon, it started raining. It hailed little pellets for awhile, then sleeted. With the temperature hovering around freezing, I figured we'd be having a snow day the next day. I made sure to bring my cell phone in by my bed so I could hear the "school closing" text in the morning. I woke up in the middle of the night and looked to see what time it was. I couldn't see the clock, so I moved my pillow out of the way and still couldn't see it. I turned and looked at Dan's clock and it was also out. We had lost power. I woke up the cell phone to see it was 4:06. I called the power company (which I have saved as a contact on my cell phone) and they gave an estimated repair time of 6:00am. I was really surprised that it was that soon. I went back to bed, but had a hard time getting back to sleep with all the wind and rain noises. At 4:33, the power came back on! By 6:00 when my alarm went off, we hadn't gotten a text. So Sarah and I got up and ready for the day. I checked the school's website, the TV, and Facebook and nothing was said about being closed. Sarah went out for the bus at 6:33 and waited and waited. I checked for a text and there still wasn't anything. I talked to Sarah at 7:00 and she said she saw the bus go by at the end of the road (It is a normal part of it's route before it gets her). As soon as I sat down from talking to her, the phone chirped a new text message....3 times in a row! They had decided to close school due to downed trees and power lines. Apparently, there were 11 roads closed due to trees or branches blocking them and 2 power lines came down while the buses were out. Our road had a tree down (the 3rd one in about a month), but you can get in from the other end just as easily. It rained most of the day, adding to the ice cover. The first set of pictures, I took about 8:00 in the morning. The second set I took about 7:00 at night.

The Maple tree behind the house had so much ice on it, that it's branches were rubbing on our roof all day long. It was a strange sound, almost like there was a herd of squirrels running around in the attic. Once it warmed up a little, the ice started falling off creating an even different sound on the roof. 

You can see which direction the rain was coming from based on the side of the bushes covered!

Piece of ice from the cable or power line running to the house

This branch came down during the storm

Ice from the "patio" chair

ice casings from the tree

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tattrldy said...

Oh, my, what a start to Spring. I hope Sarah didn't have to stand out in the weather for that 30 minutes before you got the text about school closing. That was a lot of ice you got.