Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Family Reunion Get-together 2015

If you have been following my blog for long, you know that every year, my sister and her family come for a visit from Arizona where they live. This year, we were missing one of my nieces who is Sarah's age as she had a church activity and were joined by my Grandma (mom's mom).

Had to grab a family photo when all the Wall family was together

Some years, I forget to take pictures, so this year, I made sure to take more. So you get some random candid shots ☺

Cousins Caleb and Joshua

My older sister's dog Rue

My sister and brother-in-law celebrated their 25th anniversary this year 

My mom made them a bed cover using fabrics from their wedding.

The guys working on re-doing the picnic tables 

Sarah's micro birthday party

The morning after staying up really late by the fire
 We went to where my older sister's family was camping to hang out, go fishing, and swim. We had my younger sister's kids, too.

The Wall's campsite

It was a tad wet 

Dan removing the hook from a fish

My nephew crashed when we got back to Grandma's
Our campsite was really big!

It had a tire swing and access to a full size kitchen where I could store my food supplies for meals

We camped in my parents' back yard ☺
This cat showed up one morning

Making pizza

Working on a mosaic table top project

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Ed & Dottie said...

I am glad you got as many pictures as you did as I didn't get any. I love all of the family here like this.