Sunday, December 14, 2014

William and Sarah's Baptisms

William told me in October that he would like to get baptized, but he didn't tell Pastor until November because I was busy getting things ready for Halloween.  That gave me time to get those things finished and then be able to work on the tatting for his special baptism keepsake.  Sarah decided she'd like to get baptized, too.

Here are some pictures of their baptism keepsakes:

I was in the room with the kids so I got an interesting point of view from the side while Dad was in the auditorium filming it.  I did screen captures for the "still" pictures.

I love the little wave William gave ☺

Here is the video:

We went to Pizza Hut to "celebrate" and got to use Book It coupons from school.   We had a gift for Sarah and William.

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