Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

As usual, we let the kids do their stockings and a small gift on Christmas Eve.

This was the weather we had on Christmas Eve!  And it documents the gas price at the time! 

Family Christmas:

From Andy:

From Will:

From Emily:

From Sarah:

Family Gifts:

From Mom and Dad:

Andy got his full sized Bible this year since he's in Kindergarten ☺

From Dan

From me

Tile that Will made

Mace that the boys made for Emily (not sure why!)

The girls have had "Raggedy Andy" on their wish lists for years.  I finally got some made for them.
They got to pick the color of yarn for the hair (hence the reason they're bald in the picture!)
 More Family Gifts:

The kids have been playing the Minecraft Demo on the PS4 and have been wanting the full version, so we surprised them with it for Christmas.  It took a while to sink in that it was what Will opened.  It would have been cute to have on video, but I have to make do with the short series of pictures I got:

A minecraft video?

No?  What is it?

Oh!  It's the full version of Minecraft!!

My poinsettia did have a few red leaves for Christmas!  They look so sad compared to when I brought them inside in October! 

Extended Family Christmas:

We gathered in our church's Fellowship Hall which made it really nice!

Our family

My sister's family

My brother's family

My mom and dad

Grandpa reading Luke 2

Our lights on the house (no flash)

Our lights on the house (with flash) And, yes, that is green grass and NO snow!!

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