Thursday, August 28, 2014

Church Building Project: Weeks 10 -17 (I think!)

Wow, I haven't posted pictures of the church building project in long time!  So here you go:

June 29:

July 9:

Duct work

OH, look!  They cut a hole through to the church!!

Taking a peek ☺

New stoves!

This will serve as the "Before" picture when they put in the door

July 13:


Starting on the brick

July 16:

July 20:

July 23:

Brick work started on the back side

July 27:

Covering the opening
July 30:

Finally getting to take a rest!
July 31:

August 1:

August 16:

Entry sidewalk

The back side brick work is all done!

Slab for the air conditioner
August 24:

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