Friday, August 9, 2013

Review: Typecrush: A Puzzling Game of Words


Typecrush is sort of "Grown up Hangman".  Each letter is assigned a color based on letter frequency analysis (how frequently it appears in the English language).  

People try to guess what the word is by looking at the enclosed chart showing which letters are in each color.

I was intrigued when given the opportunity to review this game. 
When it came, it was smaller than I was imagining, but the letter 
cards were bigger than I expected!  

The kids wanted to play it as soon as it arrived.  I picked a 
word and chose the letter cards that corresponded to the 
letters in my word.  I laid it out on the floor face down, and 
the kids just stared at it!  I decided that it was too difficult 
for them to be able to guess the word as a whole, so we 
did a modified version of the game.   They do recommend
the game for ages 7 and up, though!

I let them try and guess one of the cards.  They would point 
to the letter card and ask, "Is this a ____" and if it was the
letter they guessed, I'd turn the card over.

Andrew only guessed letters in the blue row 
(most frequently used letters).  I guess he liked
those letters best!  If they thought they knew 
what the word was, they could guess on their 
turn.  Then they would have a turn at picking
the word for the others to guess.  I had the 
younger kids pick a word out of a book so I
knew it would be spelled correctly!  

Besides the way we played and the way it's meant 
to be played (guess the word), I think you could also  
use this game for "blunders".  You could pick 
the letters for the word and lay them face up (so you
can see the letters) and the other people try and 
unscramble the letters and guess the word.

Typecrush costs $25.  This is more than I would want
to spend on a game, but I do think the game is a 
really nice game.  The game pieces are all letter-pressed 
and made from 100% recycled material.

I received this game for free in exchange for my
honest review of the game through Mosaic Reviews.  No other compensation
was received.

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Christy said...

I love how you adapted it for your younger children! Great job!