Saturday, August 3, 2013

Boys' Camouflage Cargo Pants Tutorial

Reference pants

All cut out

With the pattern I "used".  It didn't have any pockets so I added them and it was bell bottomed and I straightened them

I didn't have much fabric left over!

My pockets 

I added twill tape tabs on the pocket flaps

Pocket flaps pinned together and cargo pockets folded in half

Rolled hem for the top of the back pockets

The pocket facings pinned on 

All the pockets ready to sew 

After I sewed the tops of the back pockets, I also sewed a double line of stitching in the middle of the pockets

Pocket flap progression
(sewn, corners clipped, turned, top stitched)

Sew along the edge of the pocket facing

Sew 1" from fold on cargo pockets and iron open

The pleat in the cargo pockets

I matched up the flaps with the pockets 

I pinned under 1/4" along the edges of the pockets

And ironed them

Cargo pockets waiting to be sewn on.

I placed the pants front on top of the pants back matching edges

Lay the pocket right side down on top

Pin the edges

Turn over and pin along the edge of the pocket

Sew along the cut edge for the front pocket

Iron pocket towards pants front

Trim excess pocket off

Fold pocket to back and iron

Top stitch along edge of pocket 

Match pocket front to back and sew bottom edge

I didn't figure exactly right so my pocket facing isn't quite long enough 

I did a better job on the 2nd pair!

Fold pocket to front

Front of pants pinned to back of pants

Sew together

Trim seam

Zig zag

Sew seam allowance to one side

All ready for cargo and back pockets

Sew velcro to pockets and flaps

I stuck the pocket flap in the front pocket so I wouldn't mix them up

Pockets sewn

Sew top of front pocket to hold it in place

My sewing machine does bar tacks, so I added those at the tops of the pockets

Sew inseams

Trim seam 

Zig Zag

Turn one leg right side out

and put it inside the other leg

Pin and sew crotch seam

Trim seam and notch curved edges 

Zig Zag, pulling the seam straight as you go 

Sew seam allowances down

Mark out fake fly 

Sew fake fly 

Rolled hem (or measure and turn up for needed length)

Turn down for elastic casing.  I added twill tape size tags 

Thread elastic through 

Sew opening closed

Sew elastic  along all 4 seams to hold it in place

Model on adorable children ☺

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