Saturday, August 31, 2013

Danish Festival 2013

The Danish Festival "kicks off" with the Danish Festival band playing for the free concert on Thursday night.  My mom and I missed it this year as we were setting up the craft booth tables.  But my dad and the kids went and had fun.  A family friend (Pastor Dickson) invited my dad to bring the kids to his house to see his model trains.
We usually do the kids' activities towards the end of the day and then go home afterwards.  This year, we took the free shuttle downtown and walked down to the park

William went up to the clown and requested a "white dog" all by himself!!! (I was using the "guard house")

Andy "blowing" the poof into the end of the tail

Sarah waiting since she wasn't going to get her face painted

William told the girl what he wanted her to paint!

Sarah with the crown she made


A butterfly!  It was a bit dark and I wasn't a fan of the blue lips, but she liked it

The craft area

A tiger!

Emily getting her Cloud Leopard

Sarah wasn't going to get a balloon because they can pop, but I asked the clown to make her an elephant

She really liked him

We finally found a baby toad!  We usually see them when we come to the free concerts, but hadn't this year.

A little bit of our booth:

Play time!

This year, there was a huge inflatable slide right next to our booth!  Emily spent most of her time on it (It was free!)

William asked me to go on the slides with him

Emily talked me into going with her.  I thought that Will was coming too, but he bailed at the last second.  

William decided he did want to go after all and wanted me to go again.  I was not a big fan (any fan, actually) of the slide, but you do what you have to for your kids!

Fireman parade (we usually have left already for the kids activities so we haven't ever seen this parade)  The fire engines go past silently and then come back with their lights and sirens on.  We left before the lights and sirens part!

Even without the sirens, the engines were pretty loud


We had to run to the store before going to the craft sale, and we saw hot air balloons!

We saw this one sitting on the ground on the way to the store and when we swung back around afterwards, it was being deflated.

Waiting for the parade

We sat on the corner near the craft sale so Grandpa wouldn't have to walk as far (sore feet)

Here comes the parade!

Mrs. Wilkin works in the office at the school (She's the one waving at us!)

Pastor Dickson's car kept stalling and he had to leave the parade route

The school personnel
The red arrow is pointing to the teacher Emily had for Kindergarten 

Orange arrow = Sarah's teacher last year
Red arrow = the school principal
Green arrow = Will's teacher for this year (and her baby)

Baby Gretchen slept through the whole parade ☺

Emily's friend Nicole with her baton group (red arrow)

Andy really liked the superhero float!

The End!

Rest Time

Andy was the only one who actually slept

Sarah working on her knit hat

On Sunday, Grandpa and the kids finally were able to make connections with Pastor Dickson to see his model trains:

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Burtonbunch said...

Wow! You made a lot of memories! So much fun to see the pictures, and see how much your children are growing! Thanks for sharing them!
Love you,
Aunt Marge