Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sarah's 9th Birthday

Sarah turns 9 on the 9th this year!  The first of our kids to have their "Golden Birthday"

Sarah had a "friend" party on Saturday.  She invited her best friend from school plus some friends from church.  Not all the church friends could come, but we had a good time anyway.

They played BINGO

Made their own mini pizzas

Sarah opened gifts

William took this picture of me


Then they painted a picture

Cake time!  I went for the stress free way and bought cupcakes and individual serving cups of ice cream. (We had just gotten back from camping and I had a cake to make for the "family" party)

We had the "family" party on Sunday.

Sarah wanted a Barbie cake

William took this picture of my nephew Peter

My niece enjoying the cake

A small gift for her on her actual birthday:

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Amy :) said...

Her golden birthday, how fun! Both David & Joshua's golden birthdays were on the 9th of their respective birth months, which is fun. :) Marissa is disappointed that her golden birthday was when she turned one and was way too young to care about things like that.

Looks like a lot of fun at both parties! :)