Monday, July 8, 2013

4H Fair

The fair was the last week of June this year.  I gathered up what things I had done during the year that would fit the categories and entered them.  I had 13 things.  My mom brought 3 things, too (well, I brought them for her, but..)

My pocket purses made from pants pockets

I entered my sock monkey under "Any other Garment not listed" because they didn't have a non-clothing category.  They changed the category to a new category "Any other - non garment"!

These are the 4 entries in the new category

My mom's entries:

My parents went with us to the Kids Fun Day at the fair:

As we were waiting, we saw a huge spider!

We met my sister as they were leaving
 William was really liking the animals this year!

Sarah's best friend and her mom came, also, and Sarah went around with them (she was going to their house afterwards)

Andy loves tractors!

So sleepy!


Burtonbunch said...

Love your pictures! Fair is SO fun. Ours is August 5-10 in Lowell. I think it would be fun to have it at the beginning of the summer and then you wouldn't spend your whole summer working on projects!!!

Love, AM

Amy :) said...

It was such a pleasant surprise to find out that the fair was still going on when we were in town! Was so cool to check out the new fairgrounds. :)

It's fun to see your family's experience at the fair this year. :)