Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I always have big plans to get my blog posts up right on the day of the event, or at least the day after.  But life seems to happen and I don't get it up.  So, here are the pictures from Valentine's Day. 

I went to Andy's class for his party in the morning and then in the afternoon, went to the other kids' school.  Only Sarah's teacher had said what time they were having their party, so when I got there, Emily and William were basically done with their parties and Emily's class was in art!

In the evening, Dan & I went to a Valentine's Day Banquet sponsored by our church.  It was one of Dan's normal days to work, so I figured I'd be alone like normal, but he surprised me by taking the day off! 

Andy's class listening to their teacher
and he noticed me!

The 5th graders brought the class little presents

He had to glue on little pieces of paper

Sorting the candy hearts by color into a bar graph

Putting his things in his cubbie
Bean bag toss

Yay!  I did it!


Andy helped by passing out the napkins


Big Kids' School:

Sarah with her best friend

Getting food

Playing games

Will's teacher was doing a "Photo Booth" when I got there.

Looking at the pictures from the Photo Booth

Emily was getting ready to go home

When she noticed me standing by her desk

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