Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Snow Zoo

We got more snow yesterday.  Thick, heavy, packing, snowman snow.  The kind that is hard to clear away, but fun to play in.  And that's what we did ☺

Where'd the driveway go?

 When I was a kid, we made a giant snow bear based on a figurine.  This inspired me to want to make snow creatures with the kids.

He was about 4 feet tall

It was hard to see the snow creatures in the pictures, so I had to darken the pictures and that wasn't so great for seeing the kids!  So I copied the kid in the picture, darkened the picture, and then pasted the non-darkened part with the kid in it!

Andy with his horse.

William with his hippos (mom and baby)

Emily with her unicorns (also a mom and baby)

The green in the snow is Emily's St. Patrick's Day necklace

Sarah with her triceratops

Our Snow Zoo


Lisa said...

Very cute. :) Caleb built an igloo - it actually worked without caving in!

Amy :) said...

Ahh, and this is why our kids miss snow! :)