Monday, November 14, 2011

October Update: Halloween 2011

We had various activities all throughout the month having to do with Halloween.

Walmart had a photo shoot on the 15th (no trick-or-treating)


Small treat

 Family Halloween party hosted at our house this year:
My barnyard of animals I sewed

My sister's family

Old McDonald (and Mrs. McDonald) had a farm....

My brother and his kids.  My sister-in-law was 6 days from giving birth and didn't dress up!

Split personality?

Zonked out!

Will's turn to sleep
 I got to help out in both of the girls' classes ☺:

Emily was the helper of the day in her class

She got to dress up to go along with the story

 After school family fun night:

I thought the chipmunk sitting on the pumpkin was cute
 Meijer's event on the 29th:

Walmart had another event on the 29th:

Downtown store trick-or-treating:

Carving Pumpkins:

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