Friday, November 11, 2011

August Update: Danish Festival

This year, we decided we'd like to make Danish outfits for the Danish Festival instead of just the red shirts with Danish flags on them.

Dad & Mom's outfits

The kids had noticed the tunnel under the street and wanted to check it out, so I told them we would during the Danish Festival:

Going into the tunnel

The walls had these mosaic history of the area

Going out of the tunnel

At the free kids' activities:

Emily really wanted to get her face painted

William getting his hand painted

As we were heading home, we saw hot air balloons and stopped to watch them

This was taken at the end of our driveway ☺

The "paint" rubbed off easily!

Here are pictures from Saturday:
The whole gang minus Grandma who was manning the sale tent

watching the parade coming

The lady in the front holding the Walnut Hills sign was Sarah's teacher last year

Back at the tent, Andy zonked out and everyone is eating lunch

This is about 15 minutes later!  See how much darker the sky was?

It was really pouring!

Everyone all gathered in

Cousins having fun despite the rain

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