Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trunk Show and Fiber Fiesta

This past week was both the annual Kathy Kirchner trunk show hosted by the West Michigan Lace Group and the Michigan Fiber Fiesta.  Last year, I remembered about the trunk show the day after the show (even though I'd been telling Dan about it the whole week before!) and I didn't know about the Fiber Fiesta until after it took place. So I wanted to be sure to get to both ☺ I ended up being the lucky recipient of the door prize of a $25 gift certificate to Kathy Kirchner's store/show, so I got more than I'd planned!

My treasures from the trunk show! 
Venus thread in sizes #40 and #80, another shuttle, and more shuttle bobbins.

My purchases from the Fiber Fiesta.  
Rectangle looms that I've been wanting and some Coopworth roving (white) and merino roving (purple). 
Unfortunately, I can't find my drop spindle so I can finally teach myself to do it.

My mom and dad were watching my sister's 3 kids so we met them at the Fiesta and the kids liked looking at the fiber animals.

I took the picture right after Andy took his hand away!

Another picture of after Andy finished petting the animal!


Amy :) said...

Looks like fun!!
Amy :)

A.G. said...

So was the roving from rabbits? That's so cool! I love fiber rabbits. Wish I could have gone! ^_^