Monday, May 30, 2011

Decoration Day

Getting the vase out

Sarah decorating the gravestone with flowers (her idea)

Putting flowers in the vase

more flowers

The decorated grave
Dan and the kids at the gravesite.  We were glad to see that Bill had a flag this year.

The kids in their patriotic clothes

The kids in a little pool for them to cool off

At first, Andy wouldn't get in, but would just play in the water at the edge

Andy checking out his siblings playing.  I love how curly his hair is!

Andrew finally decided to venture into the pool


Amy :) said...

Where are Dan's parents buried? I can't remember. It's cool that you took everybody there to remember them. I know when we're in Grand Rapids, a trip to Jessica's grave is always in order... we know she isn't there in the ground, but there's just something about going. :)

tattrldy said...

It's great to take the kids to the cemetery and decorate the family graves. I remember doing that as a child. We didn't make it this year due to a birth in the family but I checked out all the cemeteries we passed as we traveled.
And what would Memorial Day weekend be to kids without a splash in the pool? Great memories.