Thursday, April 24, 2008

Easter Egg Dyed Shorties

I knit some shorties using the yarn that I dyed with Easter Egg dye. I was going for red, white, and blue, but when I dyed it, there looked like there would be quite a bit of purple, too. When I knit it up, though, there is only a few stiches here and there that are purple. Of course, there is only about as much white, too! Over all they turned out nice, but I think I will still try for a more traditional colored red, white, and blue yarn!



William wearing the shorts.

The shorts also fit Emily (2 years old and 23 pounds)

While I was doing the cast off on the last leg, Sarah took my needle and was "knitting". What she ended up doing was sewing the shorts closed with the circular needle!

Front side

Back side

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TracyKM said...

Really cute, and it looks like a great way to get a quick dye job from already balled yarn!