Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Recycled Sweater Longies

I bought a felted (i.e. shrunken) sweater at a yard sale last summer for 50¢ planning on using it to make Will some soakers. I decided I'd better make it since the arms are quite small/thin!

Here are the steps I used....

Cut off the arms and figure out the angle for the crotch seam. I didn't have enough width for the right angle, so I opted to add a gusset in the crotch.

I traced one half of Will's green longies before I sewed them up to use as a pattern. It is folded in half since the arms are 2 layers!

Sew the crotch gusset.

Put one leg inside the other with right sides together and sew front and back seams using a ¼" seam.
I stretched the wool as I sewed.

Zig-zag the seams.

Sew a casing at the top for elastic.

Thread elastic through the casing and sew ends together.

All finished.

William modeling them.

Close up view.

Back view (same as the front!).


yoni_yo said...

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she knits said...

These are just gorgeous little longies, I feel inspired to go hunt through old jumpers lol.
Love your cupcakes as well, you are a great mama to go to all that trouble. My children love to bake as well.
Kind regards, Mel

mattswife1990 said...


The longies turned out great! How long will you be able to use wool soakers/longies before it's too hot? Or do they work okay in summer, too?

It's funny, but here it's really starting to warm up, so that it feels like a nice summer day in the U.P. :) I'm loving it...

Talk to you later,
Amy :)

Becky said...

It was summer when I started using wool soakers on Emily last year. They breathe better than PUL so they are actually cooler. I may make some shorties for William for this summer. They have a little bit of a leg, more than a soaker and less than longies!