Saturday, August 9, 2014

Vacation Trip: Part One - The Hotel

We have been wanting to take the kids to the Creation Museum and with them having kids be free the whole year of 2014, we decided this was the year to do it!  We originally wanted to go the weekend of Father's Day, but with the extended school year, we were not out of school yet.  So we picked the first week of August.  My mom and dad went with us and actually offered to let the kids ride in their van since they have a DVD player.  They have always been occupied by the movie, that they thought it would be a good way for them to travel.  It didn't go as planned and the kids were rather boisterous to say the least.  I have about 1000 pictures from our vacation, so I figured I'd do the vacation trip in parts, so as to not overwhelm you!

We got a good deal on for hotel rooms.  The beds were comfortable, but the cleaning left much to be desired (the boys have some really stained socks from walking around in them), the free breakfast was rather light, and the hotel smelled of smoke (even though there was no smoking).  At least we had a place to crash at the end of the day!

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Tammy said...

Same here with the floor at our hotel. TOTALLY gross.