Monday, August 4, 2014

Neighborhood Bible Time

Our church held it''s Neighborhood Bible Time (like Vacation Bible School) this past week.  I taught the preschool class the last 2 years and really enjoyed it, so as soon as they asked for volunteers, I signed up to teach it again.  When our youth leader asked me to teach 1st grade, my introvert self felt a bit like the cartoons when they realize that they've stepped over a cliff.  I don't switch gears that well without a warning.  He did some refiguring and I was able to be the missionary story teacher for preschool.  The first year I taught, the Preschool class was for the workers' kids only.  The 2nd year, it was workers' kids and those from our church.  This year, they had us go straight to the room rather than lining up outside with the other kids so it wouldn't encourage people to bring their preschool aged kids (It is supposed to be for kids going into 1st grade and up.)  It didn't work, though, as we had a lot of non-workers, or our church kids.

Sunday (Intro)

13 kids

16 kids, 4 new today

17 kids, 2 new

16 kids, 1 new

15 kids, 1 new

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