Monday, February 17, 2014

Book Review: "A January Bride" by Deborah Raney

I was given the opportunity to review 2 short stories/novellas by Book Look Bloggers (formerly Booksneeze) in their "A Year of Weddings" series.

In "A January Bride", Madeleine Houser moves from New York to Kansas after her sister's husband gets a new job and they have to move away and can't be near their mother any longer.  Their house is under renovation to try and sell, so there are always workers around which makes it difficult for Maddie to write.  She despairs over not making her deadline, so her neighbor friend suggests that she write at the Bed & Breakfast run by her widower friend, Arthur.

Arthur Tyler is still grieving the death of his wife three years earlier and doesn't have the desire to keep the B&B up and running the way it was before, so he is glad to let Maddie use it to work on her novel.  They communicate with each other through notes left on the table.

When they finally meet, they both realize that they have made incorrect assumptions about the other.

The relationship develops very quickly, but that is rather to be expected since it is a novella and there isn't a lot of time to make the relationship develop slowly.  The characters still feel like real people and are developed well.

I enjoyed reading "A January Bride".  It was actually nice to be able to start and finish the story in an evening.

You can buy an eBook version of this book for $3.63.

I received a free eBook version of "A January Bride" for me to write a review.

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Sounds like a good book.