Sunday, February 2, 2014

Book Review: "Dreams by Starlight" by Staci Stallings

Camille Wright is a dedicated student with great grades and dreams of going to Princeton to study to become an aerospace engineer.  But the guidance counselor thinks she needs a more rounded class schedule to be appealing  So he signs her up for drama class which is Camille's greatest fear since it's hard to be invisible on stage.

Jaylon Quinn has been the center of attention for his whole high school career.  He didn't care who he stepped on to get to the top as long as he got there.  

That is until Camille and Jaylon are paired for an eye contact exercise in drama class and they start questioning where their lives are taking them.  They realize that the person that everyone sees isn't always the real person at all and they have to stand up for who they truly are.

"Dreams by Starlight" is a YA (young adult) book.  It is set in high school and the characters deal with issues relevant to high school students.  This makes it very relevant to the YA audience.  Even though I am 20+ years out of high school, I could still relate to the characters and the feelings that they felt of wanting to feel invisible and trying to figure out where life is supposed to be taking you.  I did not feel like the story was below me or childish in any way.  I really enjoyed reading "Dreams by Starlight". The characters had real depth of character and if felt like you were there in high school with them. 

Staci Stallings is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!  

You can buy "Dreams by Starlight" in eBook format for $6.99 or print form for $15.27.

I was gifted an eBook copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review. 

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Sounds like another good book, the kind that the house works has to wait king of book. :)