Monday, February 3, 2014

Book Review: "Reunion" By Staci Stallings

After finishing "Dreams by Starlight", I was excited to learn that there was a sequel.  I was gifted a copy by Staci Stallings in order to review it.

It is 10 years since Jaylon and Camille shared their dreams under the starlight under the tree at Jaylon's Grandma's old house.  Camille has gone on to become the lead designer as an aerospace engineer and Jaylon has a life that seems perfect.  They both regret that time has drawn them apart, but figure that it is the past and best to forget it and move on with life.

After meeting up at their 10 year high school reunion, they realize that they have fallen into old habits of trying to please everyone else and not being true to who you are.  Will they be able to find what their dreams really are before it is too late?

Even though "Reunion" is a sequel, it did give "flash backs" about some of the events from "Dreams by Starlight" so readers could get a general idea of what was going on without first reading "Dreams by Starlight".  I think that you are more "invested" in the anguish that they feel by first reading the journey it took to get them together that takes place in "Dreams by Starlight" however and would recommend reading them in sequence.

I was pulled back into Jaylon and Camille's story and agonized with every heartache they experience.   I confess, I shed tears as I read the story, the emotions just felt so real.  I am glad that I got to spend more time with my friends Jaylon and Camille & Nick and Lexie.

This story had the characters seeking God's guidance more than the first one, and I liked that.  I highly recommend this story!

You can buy the eBook version of "Reunion" for $6.99 and a print book for $14.38.

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Ed & Dottie said...

Sounds good to know they do get back together.