Tuesday, August 6, 2013

HDT (Hand Dyed Thread)

When we tie-dyed shirts, I wanted to do some thread, too.  I had picked up some cotton thread in size 20 and 30.  I wound off 2 50 yard hanks of each size and then decided to just dye the rest of each ball also (So about 300 yds).

Pre-soak in warm water

Emily dying the thread

Wrapped in Saran Wrap

Emi dying a ball of thread

Waiting for 8 hours

Getting ready to rinse

My small hanks drying

Big balls drying

My 50 yd hanks 

My balls

The Orange/Pink ball was *really* snarled and knotted

The Purple/Green ball wound off pretty freely

It got tiring winding the spools by hand, so I put the spool on my sewing machine

And used my finger to spin the spool to wind the thread

Large spools are Size 30 (Orange/Pink) and Size 20 (Purple/Green)
Small spools are: Left: size 20, Right: size 30

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