Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kids Clothes Week: Summer Edition

I wasn't sure that I was going to have time to participate in the Kids Clothes Week Summer Challenge so I didn't sign up.  I got a fantastic piece of camouflage fabric that screamed "Boys Cargo Pants".  I ended up working on them the week of the challenge, so I signed up on Day 2!

Day 1:

I figured on pattern sizes and traced off patterns.  The pattern I chose didn't have *any* pockets!  GASP!  So I had to figure those pattern pieces myself.  It also had bell bottoms that I straightened out. I had a pair of pants that fit Andy perfectly that I used as inspiration

Day 2:

I cut out all the pieces except the front pockets.

I used almost all the fabric.  This is all the scraps I had left!

Day 3:

This was my birthday and I wasn't home much.  When I was home, it was so hot I didn't feel like doing very much. I worked on picking the hem out of a sheet I was going to use for the pockets (It gave me another 1½ inches!)

Day 4:

Pocket day!

Pocket pieces
I wasn't sure if I'd get the pockets done after all.  I had a son who wanted me to play with him!

Who could resist such a cutie?
But then his favorite show came on (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) and he went to watch that, so I worked on the pockets after all.

Day 5:

I was hoping to get the cargo and back pockets sewn on, but doing the front pockets took longer than anticipated, so I didn't get them on.

Side seam sewn

Velcro added to the cargo pockets and flaps

Day 6:

Attached the pockets and sewed the inseam.

Day 7:

Finishing touches: Crotch seam, hems, and waistline.


Lisa said...

Love that last picture!

Amy :) said...

I was thinking the same thing... they look so cute and so excited about their new pants! :)