Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2013 Family Reunion Weekend

My sister and her family were here for their annual visit from Arizona and we had activities most of the weekend and beginning of the week.

It started on Saturday, June 29th

Andy used his Uncle Matt as a shelf while he slept!

My niece Clara really liked Sarah's monkey

We had the "official" get together on Sunday, June 30th

My dessert for the meal

The cousins, minus David who was unable to get away from work 

The extended family picture

William found an albino ladybug ♥

My brother found this dead damsel fly.  It was really iridescent and pretty

The guys helped cut down some dead branches

This was Amy's tricycle when we were little
 We went to Camp Concordia on Monday, July 1st to hang out with my sister's family

First time fishing!

Dan dropped the hook in the water and Will had a bite right away!

William with his first fish ☺

Andy's turn (he didn't catch anything, but he didn't stay with it long)

The girls swimming

Amy with Will's last fish he caught

Trying to warm up

Checking out a game

Getting lunch ready

More people 

And even more people!


Dan retrieving a bober 

More swimming

It was a little chilly and the wind was blowing!

Joshua found a clam

Last year, Sarah had a broken arm!

William went out in the boat with Dan and Matt

Having never been in a boat, this was a BIG step for Will!

Chips and salsa

Emi fell asleep

Back at Grandpa and Grandma's everyone was worn out!

We camped in my parents' backyard.  William kept worming his way over into the "girls' room" during the night.  (July 2nd)

 July 3rd

My mom found this snake skin by the fire pit

July 4th

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Amy :) said...

Wow! You got way more and way better photos from that time we were in the area! I'm gonna save them to our vacation folder on our computer. Thanks for sharing... you did a way better job of documenting that time than we did! :)