Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Program

Sunday was our church Christmas program. I sang in the choir and Sarah sang in the kids' choir. The choir sang 4 songs and the kids sang 1.

If you aren't sure, I'm the 2nd from the left in the front row - the taller of the "twins"! It was funny, Penny & I showed up wearing almost the same thing!

William sleeping on our friend Christy (our church met at their house when we first started)

The girls sitting with Grandpa & Grandma.
Sarah was Mary for the kids' choir.

The kids' choir sang Silent Night/Sleep Baby Jesus. Sarah actually sang! This is the 4th time the kids' choir sang and the first she didn't just stand there! She's also the youngest "member" of the choir, so I think she did great! As you can see, our church is higher on the girl side!

Sarah as Mary and Isaac as Joseph (Isaac is my "twin" Penny's son)

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mattswife1990 said...

That *is* funny about you & your "twin"! Our choir cantata is this coming Sunday, and we're supposed to dress alike on purpose. I have to go shopping, since I don't have a top that's white or red! Weird, huh?

Marissa was also Mary on Sunday! David was Joseph, so that was fun. They were Mary & Joseph back in Marquette a few years ago, and I love when they're both cast in those roles. It's fun to have them in it together. :)

How fun that Sarah sang this time! We've been working on learning hymns together every day during our school time, and it's fun to see Naomi improving. Sometimes she sings, sometimes she talks the words, and sometimes she doesn't. And now, she sings on her own when she's playing. I love it! :)

Our kids noticed on Mom's blog that your church has a lot more girls than boys. :)

Once I get Christmas cards done & out, I'm going to post on my blog about our Christmas activities that have been going on lately. But, for now, I have to focus on the cards...

Sorry this ended up being so wordy!!
Amy :)