Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pink Green Wool Tie Wrap

I beta tested a knit wool tie wrap for PinkGreen . I made a large, but I think I should have made a medium instead! It is simple to work and easy to get a nice tight fit.

It is 19.5" long and 20" wide.

Since this is the type of shot I get when I try to take standing up shots, I had to lay Will down!





Rebekah Gonzalez said...

oh my gosh! I looooove this...I can't wait to make my own...great idea!

Amy :) said...

This is a great cover! Looks like it would be easy to use. :) I wonder if the string might be a little stronger if it was chain stitched (crochet)?

It's fun seeing the different diaper covers & soakers you're making. :)

Becky Dempsey said...

The string is 4 strands of worsted weight wool twisted together, which makes it nice and strong. It isn't as stretchy as a crocheted tie would be that way.

Kristen York said...

How has this worked out for night time use if you have used it then?