Sunday, September 30, 2007


I finally brought the watermelons in the house since their vine had died off.

They were "supposed" to be about 8 inches in diameter, and only got to about half of that.

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Ryan and Sandi said...

Hi Becky!
I just found your blog through Amy's--what fun! I love your costumes! Great work; I'm not the best at sewing projects, though I find them fun whenever I take time for them.

After seeing your watermelons, I had to tell you about the potatoes I grew this summer. I'll start by telling you that I've never really tried to grow much before, and never have had any success except as rabbit food. :) Well, I started wrong--I planted pieces of potatoes which had sprouted in the kitchen accidentally. (I later learned these are NOT 'seed potatoes'...) Then I continued by planting them rather shallow-ly. (They should be 'INCHES' down, not 'inches'...) Then I forgot to water them. (They need it, apparently!) Then I decided it was harvest time. The "prize winner" was about an inch in diameter and 1.5" long. The "runt" was smaller than my pinkie fingernail.

Suffice it to say, "I'm really impressed with your watermelons!" May they be as tasty and bring you as much happiness as my potatoes did to me! :)

Looking forward to meeting William!