Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rogue River Reenactment

Emily is helping Grandpa get the fire started.

Which was an important thing since it started out really cold!

You can tell by how bundled up Sarah was!

This is the next day and the girls were working on their 'knitting"

Here is a close-up of Sarah concentrating on her "knitting"

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mattswife1990 said...

Mom emailed me the photos of the girls "knitting" today, and I thought they were *so* cute! They look like they are concentrating so hard. I'm sure it must be because they've seen what their Momma can do with knitting needles & yarn!! :)

I love Sarah's braids! :) I tried doing that with Naomi's hair a month or so ago, but they didn't last. Her hair is still a bit too fine to hold a braid for long. But they were cute while they lasted! :)

The girls look so cute in their Civil War era costumes. :)