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"The Samaritan's Patient" by Chevron Ross -- Epic Book Launch

About the Author

Book Title: The Samaritan’s Patient

Author Name: Chevron Ross

Genre: Contemporary Fiction / Teen Christian Fiction

Release Date: January 25, 2024

Teenager Paige Abernathy awakens after a severe beating to find that she suffers from amnesia, and that everyone seems to hate her.

She has only flashes of memory until the night a grieving parent attacks her in her hospital room.

Paige then remembers her role as creator of an online group where members talk about ways to commit suicide.

After recovering from the beating, Paige embarks on a journey of penance to atone for a disaster born of good intentions. Her odyssey launches her on a mission of mercy and into new danger.

The Samaritan’s Patient is a thought-provoking novel about navigating the treacherous waters of social media.

Book Excerpt

A month ago, my girlfriend of over three years left me, and it’s been tearing me apart. She was

the one part of my life that still felt stable. I thought she was going to be my friend for the rest

of my life.

Sometimes things seem to get better, but then they get worse. I’m just so exhausted

from the cycle of loving and losing.


I know exactly what you mean. My mother X’d my boyfriend and I didn’t do anything to deserve

it. Life can be so unfair. But I find comfort in scriptures like Proverbs 3: “Trust in the Lord with

all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

April 10


I can’t remember myself ever having much energy. I have never really wanted to live and have

always struggled to cope with life. Life is mostly just meaningless suffering. It is a pointless

experience that we go through for the sake of it.


I feel that way too sometimes. Sadness just drains all the energy out of you. Please know that

there are others like me on this site who understand and sympathize. Tell us about your

suffering. Where does it come from?

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About the Author

Chevron Ross is a pseudonym for someone unimportant. He is not a writer, but God keeps

putting ideas into his head that somehow turn into stories. If you like them, be sure to offer God

a prayer of thanks.

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