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"Call to Embrace" by Maryann Landers -- Epic Book Launch

About the Book

Book Title: Call to Embrace

Author Name: Maryann Landers

Genre: Christian Women’s Fiction

Release Date: November 1, 2023

She’s detached in a stormy marriage because of both of their unfaithfulness. Now she faces

the aftermath of her compromise with an unwanted pregnancy. Will fleeing bring her the

freedom she yearns for?

Emily Corentin wants to escape the jagged edges of her brokenness. She believes the only option

she has is to take her young daughter, leave her husband, and end the unintended pregnancy with

an abortion. But her plans take an unexpected turn when the homeless shelter she finds is not the

type of help she wanted. She’d buried religion years ago with the death of her Gran. Any God-

fearing place will only confirm how much God abandoned her. 

An offer from a shelter volunteer may be the lifeline she and her daughter need, but Emily only

sees it as a means to an end. The unlikely friendship that follows, draws her closer to the answers

she may have carried with her all along. But rash decisions bring new challenges that drag her

further into a sea of helplessness.

When all hope is lost in despair will she be washed away by the patterns of her past? Or will she

answer the call to embrace the mercy of the cross and in turn bring reconciliation to her


Book Excerpt

He'd agreed to a remote assignment within the state shortly after our move, and the

luminous Chugach Mountains never brought me the comfort I needed. Left at home, on base and

alone, I yearned to escape what had become a prison of isolation as we grew farther apart.

"Mommy, where we go?"; My daughter, Destiny, tugged at my hand as she resisted my

guidance around a sloppy mess.

A car splattered water in our direction as it passed.

After we maneuvered across the gritty pavement, I knelt by her and brushed back the

strands of brown hair that slipped out from her hood and covered half her face. "We're going on a

walk, baby girl."

She squeezed her eyes tight at my gentle touch. At only three and a half years old, she'd

weathered storms I'd hoped to shield her from. But here we stood, the two of us, taking

advantage of her dad’s planned absence to find some kind of a solution.

"I hungry" Destiny protruded her lower lip and pushed it out farther to show me her

dislike for our early-morning stroll.

"A little farther, and I'll find you a snack."; I offered her hope, but I had so little that I could

only pour out a drop at a time.

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About the Author

Alaskan based author Maryann Landers writes women’s faith filled fiction based on true stories

of extraordinary women of her magnificent state. She loves to showcase the unique north and

give her readers a little taste of rustic Alaska.

While writing in her log home in the woods she is also looking forward to her next

adventure with her Alaskan husband, juggling mom tasks such as crafting homemade meals from

moose and caribou meat, building DIY projects from scrap wood piles and guiding her teens in

their homeschooling.

To learn about her inspiration to write Alaskan based stories read her blog at www.mary-

Her first novel in the Alaskan Women of Caliber Series; Alaskan Calibration released

June 2021.

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