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"Rahab’s Courage" by Naomi Craig -- Epic Book Launch

About the Book

Book:  Rahab’s Courage

Author: Naomi Craig

Genre: Biblical Fiction

Release date: August 17, 2021

A scarlet cord tethers one ruined woman to the salvation of mankind.

Harboring two fugitives in a city slated for destruction, Rahab has one small chance of

escape. In exchange for their safety, she bargains for her own. Their agreement rewards

her courage, and she flees Jericho and a life of prostitution for a new life among the

people of Israel. Never again will she have to depend on anyone—especially men.

Except Salmah won’t take the hint.

High ranking soldier and leader of the tribe of Judah, Salmah is determined not to

repeat his parents’ mistakes. He will keep the Lord’s commandments. Rahab’s growing

faith fits right in with phase one of his plans: find a wife who loves the Lord and settle

down in the new land.

Rahab finds shelter and meaning in the Lord’s ways until her past comes back to haunt

her. As her new faith is put to test, she finds herself alone. Isn’t that what she’d always


With her courage waning, only the Lord can turn Rahab’s life around again, but will He

do it before she loses everyone and everything that really matters to her—to her heart?


Rahab’s Courage Excerpt One

A few paces more. 

The afternoon shadows of Jericho lengthened, the mighty fortress looming above Salmah and Nathan. Yahweh’s favor had kept their approach undetected all day as they had meandered parallel to each other through Jericho’s outlying fields. Now, as they converged on the same path, the most critical moment had arrived. If they were noticed now, their planning, stealth and the whole mission to spy out Jericho would be in vain. Fresh off defeating the Midianites and the plague that wiped out twenty-four thousand of their own people, resolve strengthened Salmah’s mind— disobedience wasn’t an option. This mission had to succeed.

All day, a steady bustle of activity had flowed in and out of the massive arch. Now, the gates alone stood as silent sentinels to a clear passageway into the pagan city.

Salmah glanced at Nathan. The older man gave a slight nod. Adrenaline pumped through Salmah’s veins. They stepped together through the outer gate into Jericho.

A shadow shifted under the arch. Someone’s foot gritted the sand. 

Nathan lunged toward the sound. Salmah drew his sword. A muffled gasp and Nathan emerged from the shadow dragging a woman, his hand clamped over her mouth. He jerked his head in the direction of the city.


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Naomi writes Historical Fiction set in Bible times.

She lives in a small town in the south-eastern mountains of Arizona

She is an avid reader, Pastor’s wife, and homeschool mom.

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