Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 AVID Facebook Group Reading Challenge

The 2020 Unofficial Avid Readers Challenge
Tier 1
Read a book...
1. With a red cover "Beyond Second Chances" by Shirley Quiring Mozena 
2. By an author with the same first name as you (or as close as you can find)
3. With a color in the title "The Gray Chamber" by Grace Hitchcock
4. With a character in the occupation you dreamed of as a child
5. By multiple authors "An Amish Picnic" by Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin, Kathleen Fuller, & Vanetta Chapman
6. Under 100 pages
7. Set in a different country "The Thief of Lanwyn Manor" by Sarah E. Ladd
8. That takes place on or near the ocean "Heart of a Hero" by Susan May Warren
9. That you own but haven't read
10. That takes place during the Civil War
11. With a dual/triple timeline
12. With flowers on the cover

Tier 2
Read a book...
1. By a debut author
2. Chosen because you like the cover
3. From the library
4. Set in a cold climate 
5. Recommended by a friend or family member
6. That won an award
7. Over 300 pages long
8. Of your choice (CF of course)
9. That's historical fiction "Lone Star Ranger" by Renee Brambaugh Green
10. Written for teens or YA
11. Published in 2020
12. That has a doctor in it
13. That includes food/baking. Bonus if it has recipes! "The Solid Grounds Coffee Company" by Carla Laureano
14. By a new to you author 

Tier 3
Read a book...
1. By a male author
2. With a pet
3. With child(ren) as primary characters "Their Wander Canyon Wish" by Allie Pleiter
4. That's lighthearted
5. From a genre outside your comfort zone
6. With a character that has special needs
7. Of your choice!
8. That is a book in a series
9. That takes place somewhere you'd like to go
10. Older than you are
12. A book from an award winning author that didn't win an award
13. With a title more than 6 words long
14. From a time period you don't normally read

Bonus books:
Read a book…
1. Set in the 1920's
2. Featuring orphans "The Land Beneath Us" by Sarah Sundin
3. With your favorite color on the cover
4. Published the month you were born
5. That you got on sale
6. With 1st person POV "The Trouble with Love" by Toni Shiloh
7. That won a Christy award in 2018-2019
8. That features a wedding
9. With a purple cover
10. Published by an independent publisher or self published.
11. By an author that shares your initials
12. That features a road trip or vacation
13. That is biblical fiction "Like Flames in the Night" by Connilyn Cossette
14. About a topic that could be considered controversial
15. With a one word title
16. That includes best friends!
17. With an amateur investigator
18. That you loved as a child
19. With a marriage of convenience "An Amish Bargain" by Marie Bast
20. With a tenacious female character

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