Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yard Work: "Bathroom" Garden

One of the first things I did when we moved to our house was to make the alcove formed by the house and Sunroom into a flower garden.  It has become known as the "Bathroom Garden" because it is outside the bathroom window.  We've had plans to make the paths cement so they didn't need to be mowed.  Last year, I started to dig out some dirt from the paths so that they would be the right height once the cement was in place, but didn't get it finished.  This year, the violets have taken over the area!

The Before:

The During.  (I started with the flower beds themselves and then worked some on the paths.  The boys helped me some, too.) :

The Continuation:

While Dan had the tiller out for the garden, I asked him to hit the paths and save me having to weed them all ♥

Frog "hiding" by the strawberry plants

It's getting there

The To-Do:

  • dig out the excess dirt so that the ground is level with the path after adding the cement
  • make sure the cement is still good
  • make the cement 
  • do the cement path
  • enjoy!

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