Thursday, May 16, 2013

We Have Robins

Pretty much every Spring, a robin wants to build a nest on the window ledge outside of our bathroom window.  They usually give up after a few days of bringing twigs and grass over.  This year, I walked into the bathroom and found that there was a complete finished nest just outside the window!

Even decorated with a blue ribbon!
But it seemed that they were not using it for a week before I found a robin was sitting/nesting in it.

I decided to put up a piece of cardboard so the poor bird wouldn't fly away every time I went into the bathroom!

It is easy enough to see around/peek at the birds, but gives them more of a feeling of safety.

On April 24th, I noticed there were 2 eggs in the nest, on April 25th, 3 eggs, and on the 26th, there were 4 eggs ☺

Here is the nest as seen from outside:

This is the nest on May 2nd:

I was able to sneak this picture of mommy robin sitting on the nest from the corner of the house:

On May 7th, 2 babies have hatched:

May 8th, baby 3 hatches:

May 9th, the last baby hatches:

The ugly little things (May 11)☺

May 13th:

May 14th:

I was trying to get another picture of the babies when Mommy came back with food!

She flew off again and I got the picture I was trying for:

May 15th:



Burtonbunch said...

Oh, Becky---what a fun and educational experience! We had a nest near enough one year to take photos, too, but you really caught some cool shots! I loved the one where the Mommy is there, and all the little beaks are wide open! I saved the image! Thanks for sharing---started my day just right!
Love you,

Jane McLellan said...

Such a precarious nest, it's amazing it held together for the eggs to hatch! Wonderful process to watch.

Amy :) said...

That is so cool, Becky! :) And what great photos, too!

Stephanie Ann said...

I love what you did here! The photos are really cool. The eggs were beautiful, but how lucky were you to see those little chicks? :)