Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

With all four of the kids in school now, I got treasures from all of them ☺

From Sarah

Emily made me a banner

Card from Emi

Emily LOVES mac-n-cheese, so it is a big thing to thank me for!

Pink flower (made from a cup) and a necklace (made from a washer)

Showing the back of the envelope (Emi never goes easy on decorating)

William's "cards"

He's started writing "Mom Dempsey" on pictures for me.
Like he has more than one mom or something!

Shrinky Dink necklace

Laminated poster from Andy

Flowers from Dan 

William with the card he made for me

Wearing my new jewelry 

1 comment:

Burtonbunch said...

What a special Mom's Day! Love it. The best gifts are the ones the kiddos make themselves. I love their excitement, and how hard it is for them to wait for the special day to come!!!
Isn't being a Mom the best!!