Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: We Choose Virtues

When I got the opportunity to review "We Choose Virtues", I was really excited.  Having a tool to help the kids obey and get along would be great!  
 This is what I got in my package (or through download via email):
1. Handbook (retail price $5:00 PDF)
2. Butterfly Award (retail price $3.00 PDF)
3. Coloring Pages (retail price $3.00 PDF)
4. Character Assessment (Free)
5. One set of Virtue Flash Cards (retail price $14.99)
6. A sample Parenting Card (retail price for the set $34.99) 

I looked it all over and decided that I needed to have the story that went with each character in order to use the Virtue Flash Cards.  I decided to get the "Kids of virtueVille Color-my-story Book" as it gave the story at a cheaper price than the Parenting Cards that I would have liked more.  
I decided to start with "I Am Self-Controlled" as I thought that would be a good one for my kids to work on first.  The kids were excited to use the program and had fun coloring the page that went along with each virtue.  I liked the coloring pages as they gave the kids something concrete to work on while we worked on the virtue (although it took almost a whole ink cartridge to print the 16 page book for all 4 of my kids!)

I need to be more consistent on working on the virtues, but I really like having a phrase to say to help the kids when they aren't exhibiting the correct behavior.  I can say, "Are you making yourself do the right thing?" I've even heard the kids say "Remember Stop Sign Madeline".

I like how the virtue kid's object starts with the same letter as the virtue and rhymes with the virtue kid's name.  For example: "Stop Sign Madeline" is for "Self-Controlled".  It makes it easier to remember.

I also liked the memory verses and Bible heroes that were given as another way to reinforce the virtue.  I would have liked more suggestions on how to teach the virtue more than just telling the virtue kid's story and reading the Bible hero's story from the Bible.  My mommy brain is a little muddled and needs all the helps it can get!  The Parenting Cards may give more hints, too, though, and I may end up getting them after all!

 The flash cards are bright and colorful and fun to work with.  It was nice that you can choose where to start working to tailor it to your own child/children.  I chose to have all the kids work on the same virtue, but you could have different kids working on different virtues, too.   I think this would be a very useful product for families of elementary aged children.  Middle school and older might think the coloring pages where a little childish ☺ (But she's working on an older kid's version) 
If you would like to get We Choose Virtues for your family, there are two discount codes available:
HOME20 is good for 20% off the Home School kits and will be usable through the end of April
VIRTUE15 is good for 15% off the entire cart and has no expiration date.
(The code is entered on the last page of checkout.)
I received this product to try for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  I did not receive any other form of compensation.  Each person is unique and you may have a different opinion than me. 


Anonymous said...

Great review!! I am probably going to order the parenting cards as well.They have several handy tips on them

Mrs. Stephens said...

Great review. I agree that older kids may not like the coloring pages as much.

Crystal said...

Awesome review. I have to admit, it would be nice to have all the stories. I will probably end up getting the parenting cards, since they have so much on them, but the coloring book is much cheaper! But I love the tips on the cards.

Jennifer said...

Awesome! I, too, loved the beginning letters matching to make it easier for the kids to remember.