Monday, March 4, 2013

REAL Reborn Dolly Get Together

Some of the ladies from our state in the reborn doll forum that I belong to decided to have a get together.  My sister and I drove over for the day on Saturday.   We had an adventure on the way and saw a pair of cranes, a flock of turkeys (are families of turkeys called flocks?), 7 deer, and a handful of pheasants!  I don't actually reborn, but I do sculpt and make accessories!

They decided to do a baby swap.  If you brought a baby, you got a baby.  Since I don't reborn, Rachel painted my kit for me.  I designed her body, clothes, and accessories.

This is the baby I brought:

Her original body, made just for her:

My kids really liked her and didn't want to swap her!  This is the lady who got her opening her:


This is me opening my baby:




Close ups of my new baby, Aisha:

Emily loves to snuggle with her

I also was one of the 3 lucky big door prize winners (2 babies, 1 blank kit)

While they were planning the get together, they were joking about rooting a baby with green and purple hair, so one of the ladies did!  Pansy Mae is the result:

Here are all the babies I have now:

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