Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Church Christmas Play

Our choir contata/play was on Dec 16th during the evening service.  I started feeling really yucky the day before, but I had people praying for me to be able to make it through and I was able to sing.  In the morning service, I "lip synced" some of the parts of the choir song as I felt I was about to cough otherwise, but I didn't need to do that during the play.  I sucked on cough drops between songs and my throat was killing me by the end, but I made it!  In the pictures, I look distressed most of the time!  That is due in part to not feeling well and sucking on cough drops as well as the spot lights shining at us during the play parts (I don't do well with bright lights!)  My dad was the "grumpy jewelry store keeper" .

Sarah and Emily are on the left side in the back row and Will is on the left in the front row

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