Friday, October 26, 2012

Mending Day

I decided to sit down and finally do up some mending.  I ended up doing about a dozen things and most were only a simple thing like a split seam.  There were a few more involved projects:

Project #1: Capri pants to shorts
Emily had a pair of capri pants that she got holes in the knee,
so I cut off the bottom part to make them into shorts.

I used some of the bottom portion to make pockets
(I used the original hem as the top of the pocket)

The little bows were along the hem of the capris

Ta-da, shorts with pockets (because who doesn't like pockets??)
 Project #2: Skirt with a hem issue
Emily also had this skirt which she loves, but the hem ALWAYS rolled up

It would take off as much as 4" of skirt length! (which wasn't a good thing!)

I found this lace in a tote I'd gotten last year from Goodwill

The skirt's original hem "finishing" was just a zigzag edge,
so I put the lace right side together with the skirt and zigzagged it on

Then I rolled the seam to the inside and topstitched

Voila, no more rolled edges!
 Project #3:  When the kids get soap to wash their hands, the counter always ends up wet just from the length of time they are squirting soap into their hand.  So I decided to come up with a pad for the soap to sit on....
Cut washcloth in half (this was a somewhat scratchy one) and zigzag the cut edge

Fold into thirds

Zigzag around the loose edges

I did 2 washclothes so I'd have plenty of spares

No more having to move all the toothbrushes and lotion to wipe up all the water!

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Tammy said...

I need to do some mending as well. It has a habit of stacking up! My grandma, who was a professional seamstress, did not like to mend. She would say, when something needed mending: "I wish I knew someone who could sew". LOL