Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ArtPrize 2012

Grand Rapids has a big art competition in September/October called "ArtPrize".  We saw some of the entries in 2010 and the kids asked about going this year.  We decided to get bus passes and save having to find a place to park.  We went on a Tuesday night, so it wasn't quite as crowded as the last time we went (which was a Saturday)
Waiting for the bus

Local news station's 6:00 news broadcast

President Jerry Ford (who was from Grand Rapids)

this was made of tires

There were different filters that made the wings look differently if you looked through them

The dragon is about to eat Emi!

The "bubbles" on this building kept changing.  The one right above the white tarp was an eye in this picture.  (It might be easier to see if you click on the picture)

Another entry of President (and Mrs.) Ford

Okay, these weren't entries, but the kids liked the ducks!

William was actually quite high in this picture, but I was too close to the rocks to get a good picture

more ducks

Giant dandelion

dandelion seeds

The kids were getting pretty tired by this time

until they saw the hill.   They just had to climb it!

I had to have my picture taken with the hedgehog (they are the mascots of lace makers ☺)
This also proves I really *was* there!

This was overhead

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Tammy said...

You saw a lot more than we did! We had been sick so we couldn't go earlier than we did, and we didn't have a lot of time. I'm just glad we got to see some of it though.